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Scholarship Award Application
Scholarship Award Application

Scholarship Funding

Procedures and Requirements for Receiving Scholarship Funding
Since 2000 supplementary financial Scholarship/award initiations were established by this S.S.A.G.A. Board of Directors and sanctioned by the S.S.A.G.A. Board of Executives and S.S.A.G.A. Membership. While this financial assistance was geared for deserving students as a supplementary financial assistance program, it's use may also be to offset tuition, books or other institutional needs of the students. The original idea was to help fill the personal financial gap that most times occurs with college students. At this time the scholarship committee of S.S.A.G.A. sees the need to improve on this important issue. We need to initiate and establish procedures for the future directors of this important program.

Those students seeking supplementary financial aid from this association must:

  • Acquire an application (Make an application request from his/her district or from any S.S.A.G.A. member club or any playing member of the S.S.A.G.A.)
  • Complete the instructions on the application (all instructions must be completed)
  • Type or print (legible or neatly)
  • Submit at least (3) three letters of recommendation, (1) one from a high school teacher, administrator, guidance counselor, minister, or someone who knows their character.
  • Request that the high school forward a copy of that student's transcript to the chairman of the scholarship committee (see enclosed chairman information).
  • Submit a biographical statement about his or her future goals, including a paragraph or two detailing why they are deserving of this financial assistance.
  • Applicant must ne a current student between the age of seventeen-twenty four years old.
  • G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher
  • Photograph - winners photos will not be returned
  • Letter of acceptance from college, university, jr. college or technical school.
  • Award must be used during applicants academic year (check will be sent to the institution of your choice)
  • Completed application must be turned in to chairman office by May 31

When the student completes his or her application, it may be returned to the districts chairman, local club, individual golf member or mailed to Harry Stanfield, 5333 SW 133rd Ave. Miramar, FL 33027. (See diagram for region or district chart). While the selection of applicants should be made by the district scholarship committee, the state scholarship committee will review this application and present it to the S.S.A.G.A. if no district chairman is in place. (any number of students may apply)

The S.S.A.G.A. Supplementary Scholarship/Award Committee is prepared to award financial assistance to each of the (6) six districts with deserving students which means at least (6) six scholarships can be offered, one for each district. However, if only (2) two districts apply and several applicants are seeking scholarship assistance from those (2) two districts which is (6) six or more, the committee may then give (6) six recipients scholarships from those (2) two districts.

The eligible students will be alloted the funds for that year in equal portions. Please understand that the number of scholarship recipients and amount of scholarship funds may vary from year to year. The one applicant per district was originally an idea for balance. Since our inception (2000) the S.S.A.G.A. club membership has increased as well as our fund-raising. So the committee will be able to supplement benefits of several more of the eligible and deserving students across the beautiful state of Florida and create a database of professionals with S.S.A.G.A. support.

All contact regarding applications, documentary information needed to generate financial assistance for these scholarships will be made by the scholarship chairman. All documents needed to generate a check for the scholarship recipient's institutions will be e-mailed, faxed, mailed or hand delivered by the chairman to the S.S.A.G.A. President for Board approval, whether that be the Board of Directors, Executive Board, or the Scholarship Review Board appointed by the president. After receiving approval, the president's signature will be needed to generate a check for the named institutions. The check requisition forms will be presented to the S.S.A.G.A. financial committee or treasurer, to disburse to the said institutions for the students named on the requisition forms.

No check will be delivered to any institution of higher learning until we receive verification that the student in question is a student at that instutution, (usually) after the first mid-term grading period that will include early entry in a summer school session.

The Executive Board, Board of Directors or appointed Review Board or Financial Committee may require a signed document by the committee chairman (other than information in the packet) for checks to be distributed to the recipient's institutions. The scholarship committee asks that the additional information requested be a pert of the early process before data is being collected/received from the students, high schools, institutions, or parents.

Thanks. These procedures are presented by:

Harry Stanfield
5333 SW 133rd Ave.
Miramar, FL 33027
(305) 479-6041


Scholarship Recipients

Mark Anthony Curtis
Drexel University
Isha S. Robinson
Florida Atlantic University
Andrew Wong
University of Michigan
Jalyse J. Cuff
Howard University
Marcus Pickett
Grossmont College
Lachelle Walthour
Florida Atlantic University

Keywa Johnson
Bethune Cookman University

Mid-FL District/Avon Park-Sebring

Jassmine Dixon
Florida Atlantic University

Mid-FL District/Avon Park-Sebring

Erica Cardona
University of South Florida

Southern District/Miami

Ambrah McKinnon
State College of Florida

South West District/Sarasota

Courtney Shine
South Florida Community College

Mid-FL District/Avon Park-Sebring

Beatrice McKenzie
Loyola University, New Orleans

South East District/Pompano Beach

Toyrei Shade
University of South Florida
Jashua Ward
University of South Florida
Leslie Greer McCambell Hill
University of Central Florida
Tatiana Siplin
Florida A&M University
Ukachi Opara
Broward College
Daija Barrett
Florida A&M University
Ebony D. Mitchell
Bethune-Cookman University
T'Chana Brittany Parris
Tallahassee Community College
Erica Michelle Jenkins
Daytona State College
Benisha Lachell McClendon
University of South Florida

Brittany Elice Saffold
Florida A&M University


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