SSAGA College Scholarship Awards

SSAGA Scholarship Application

Our Scholarship Awards Program was established in 2000 by the SSAGA Board of Directors and sanctioned by the Executive Board and Membership. The program was designed to provide financial assistance with tuition, fees or expenses for college-bound students within the six SSAGA affiliate club districts.

Scholarship Application Award Procedures and Forms

  • All applicants are required to have an SSAGA Member as a Sponsor.
  • An applicant can not apply without the active support of an SSAGA Member. The SSAGA Member will remain in contact with the Scholarship Applicant providing support and advice throughout the academic school year.
  • The Scholarship Committee will use the SSAGA Sponsor to maintain on-going communication with the scholarship recipient (to include confirmation of attendance at an educational. institution, presentation of the award, pictures, correspondence, and other administrative services).
  • Click here for Scholarship ApplicationSSAGA Scholarship Application

Open Application Period

All applications for scholarships must be submitted by the sponsor to the Scholarship Committee by May 31st.

  • Applications are accepted during Open Application Period Only. March 15 – May 31

How to Apply

  1. Students requesting a scholarship must contact an active SSAGA member who must be willing to act as their sponsor throughout the scholarship process.
  2. With the assistance of your SSAGA sponsor, review criteria listed below before applying for the scholarship:
    • Student must have two (2) character references from school administration, teacher, or guidance counselor
    • A written Essay (500 words) explaining goals &objectives
    • All applicants must possess a minimum GPA 2.5 or better on high school work or letter verified by Guidance Counselor and/or Administrator
    • Letter of acceptance from an accredited higher education institution and verification of enrollment by the SSAGA sponsor.
  3. Download the application forms and complete them neatly printed or typed format.
  4. Both the sponsor and scholarship application forms must be submitted together to the SSAGA Scholarship Review Committee

How to Submit an Application

Submit only one application to the contact person listed at the bottom of the Application Form.

You must submit all required information along with the application, or the application will not be considered (See criteria above for all documentation. Letters must not exceed one paragraph).

Selection and Notification Process

The Scholarship Review Committee will review all applications after the close of application period (5/31).

The Scholarship Review Committee will make the award recommendations and notify the sponsors of their selection.

Previous Scholarship Recipients


Tydazhja Francios, sponsored by Broward Ebony Golf Association * Kierra Hart, sponsored by Par 5 Golf Club * Jailene Ventura, sponsored by Par 5 Golf Club * Kayla Jacques, sponsored by 2UP Golf Club of Miami * Roberta Braxton, sponsored by 2UP Golf Club of Miami * Myles J. Robinson, sponsored by 2UP Golf Club of Miami


Halia Braynon, sponsored by 2UP Golf Club of Miami ∗  Taylor Robinson, sponsored by 2UP Golf Club of Miami ∗ Jayla Bright, sponsored by Par 5 Golf Club ∗ Raquel St. Fort, sponsored by Par 5 Golf Club


Mark Anthony Curtis, Drexel University  ∗  Isha S. Robinson, Florida Atlantic University  ∗  Andrew Wong, University of Michigan ∗  Jalyse J. Cuff, Howard University  ∗  Marcus Pickett, Grossmont College  ∗  Lachelle Walthour, Florida Atlantic University